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What are binary options signals

What are binary options signals

What are binary options signals! Signals in binary options are called the bets made by experienced traders or automated robotic systems. Many brokearage companies offer these signals. The essence of these signals is to help new traders make the right deal in trading binary options. Binary options signals from Call and Put will help a novice trader increase several times the probability of winning and minimize the risk of losses. Also, after using the signal an idea why this rate was done appeared just in this time and exactly in the period of expiration.

What information do signals of binary options carry out?

binbotpro What are binary options signals

Signals for binary options have an indefinite form and has not yet been standardized. However, there is evidence that none of the signals are meaningless. Consider them.

1 Asset. In the signal the asset must be indicated, which the deal is made on. Without this indication all further information does not make sense.

2 Time of the transaction. The exact opening date of the option. At this time, the trader is offered to make a deal.

3 Direction of the transaction. 2 options: Call – on the growth of the asset price, Put – the fall in price of the asset.

4 Expiry Time (closing option). Period of time after which the option is granted. Options may be very different – from 60 seconds to 1 week.

5 Signal’s strength. The stronger is the signal, the more likely it is a winning trade.

A trader uses a variety of strategies and indicators for information about the possible movement of the price of the underlying asset. Armed with the necessary tools, the trader can predict with great accuracy the direction of asset prices, and thus put the bet in the right moment. What are binary options signals

Types of trading signals for binary options

Depending on the source of the signals, they can be roughly divided into two types.

1 Signals of the traders. Signals are directly provided by the traders themselves. In other words, the trader makes a bet and tells others about it with all the associated information.

Benefits. The signals are sent by the trader himself, who is interested in winning equally to those who follow the signals. Here the role of the human factor should be considered and the relationship of trust between the traders.

Disadvantages. The trader is also a human and can make mistakes due to various circumstances. Therefore, not every deal can be a winning one. On the other hand, there are many traders working on a “drain” of their wards. The signalman is a winner if other lose with his signals. But, fortunately, the activities of these traders are quickly stopped due to the exodus of consumers signals and sanctions by the brokers.

2 Automated signals. Signals come from the so-called “robot”, which is programmed to send signal under the certain conditions related to the fluctuations of the price of the asset. What are binary options signals

Benefits. Complete elimination of the human factor, the analytics is completely dry, it is just a strategy. The error probability is very low. All the signals are activated starting from the technical and fundamental analysis, as well as using a variety of strategies: “Bollinger lines”, “Bull horns”, “Bear claws” and their combination.

Disadvantages. You can come across robots that are programmed to “drain” and display misreporting, until the opposite winning trades.

Signals for binary options from call and put are good. You should follow them, analyze them, they need to be understood and filtertered. With them, as with binary options, you can work and learn.

We do hope that this article has been informative for you. Good luck and more trades!

What are binary options signals