The Truth About Binary Options: Advantages and Disadvantages Best Forex Brokers Reviews and Bonuses!

The Truth About Binary Options: Advantages and Disadvantages

The Truth About Binary Options: Advantages and Disadvantages

The Truth About Binary Options: Advantages and Disadvantages

Disadvantages of Binary Options

Binary Options transaction fee to compare Forex are very high

Suppose for 100 thousand dollars (one lot) trade in, Forex Broker charge you about $ 20 transaction fee. But in the binary option for the same amount of money $100 thousand, they may charge you about 25 thousand dollars as a transaction fee. The point is that commission fees in binary option in some cases even higher than gambling. And this point alone shows how it is the very high-risk market. And those only with reliance on possibilities and chance enter this market they will lose their capital.

After trading binary options, you need to wait for, until the end of the trade

In the world of Forex after the trade if you were at a loss or profit whenever you want you can terminate trade. But there is no way going back after a trade. It must wait to find out the results and the only way to cancel the trade and open another trade in the opposite direction that will cost you.

Binary Options Trading Can Lead To Binary Option Addition

You can not Close Position (Trade) before Expiry time!

In Most of Binary options Platform or if you can do it, it have a big Fee! it is a Big Disadvantage for some one that do not like Remain in Loss position! In other words most of platform is Win/loss  Platform and does not allow clients close trade before Expiry time.

Binary Options Trading Advantages

Ability to perform trade in short-term!

For those who have a specific and target strategies can in a short time gain high-profit. Or enjoy the excitement of market (either profit or loss). This is considered as an advantage and disadvantage that is due to the high volatility in the market. It is often predicting the market in short periods. It is much harder than on long-term courses and in addition, short-term trading, may possible to change and take person trading goal think like gambling. Which usually leads to customers to lose their capital.

Your risk is limited in trading

When you trade Forex, margin calls all accounts are possible due to the high volatility of market but in Binary Options your risk  limit to the money that you involved for recent trade.

In other Word You never Margin Call by just one Trade! Binary Options is Completely suited for News Traders! they Can Trade on News Without Risk of Margin Call.

*Margin call: Loss Total of money

To predict the True direction of market you make high profits

In the world of Forex, when the market moves slightly in the direction of your trade, you make a little profit, but in the market with correct prediction, your money will be almost double.

it is really nice For Binary Options News Traders.

Faster Result in compare of Forex Trade

In forex trading some time you must wait for several month for Observe result of trade! but in short period Trade of  binary options you can See result after few seconds! most of binary Options

Offer 30 Second Binary Options trading – this Advantage is really nice For News Traders in Binary Options trading!

High excitement for Forex or Binary options Traders

High excitement for Forex or Binary options Traders that Like Enjoy from jumping of market some Binary Options Traders  from USA will trade in Binary options Platform just for fun and they will Enjoy from Winning and losing! For this users,Binary Options trading ( Specially Short term Positions ) is like betting and thy love it!

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